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AIRSAGE PIONEERED THE TRANSFORMATION of wireless network signaling data into powerful mobility information soon after their founding in 2000. Early research led to unique developments that enable AirSage to provide more accurate location information, ubiquitous population analytics, and time-of-day movement patterns of people.

Today, AirSage has the widest coverage of any location based service provider in the country. We collect and analyze real-time mobile signals to produce over fifteen billion anonymous locations every day. By turning every mobile device (cell phones, tablets, PDAs, etc.) into a mobile data sensor AirSage provides unmatched scale and accuracy, while fully protecting user privacy.

Advertisers, businesses, transportation planning professionals and engineers, emergency responders and a host of others finally have easy access to data that they can use for modeling and forecasting the location, movement and flow of people throughout the day.

The data can easily be integrated into larger migration, demographic and socio-economic models, giving our customers an edge when solving traffic congestion, planning for urban growth, creating targeted marketing and advertising campaigns, or building stronger customer relationships.

At the core of our business is our employees. Creative minds with diverse educations lend to the unique and expanding offerings of AirSage.  We are proud to work with a strong team that has been educated in South America, Europe, Asia, and some of the top engineering and business schools in North America. If you think you might want to work as an intern or employee in AirSage's expanding team, take a look at our openings on Careers!

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