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The Future of Tourism: New Tools, Better Data


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Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs), along with the agencies that support them, rely on a wealth of data to make marketing, planning and budgetary decisions.

Traditional data sources such as surveys, website visits and requests for information leave two major gaps:

  • the accuracy of information is sometimes uncertain.
  • the information tells what people say they’re planning to do and what they say they did, but determining where visitors are from and what they actually did is difficult.

These gaps make it difficult to calculate ROI for marketing efforts. DMOs and marketers must also face the trade-off of sample size and survey duration vs. cost.

Download the free white paper to find out how combining traditional data sources with new technologies offer new opportunities for better, more accurate reporting for DMOs and CVBs. 



what others  ARE SAYING 

"Visitors will forget what they've done or remember it out of sequence.  The phone never forgets.  This is an unbiased, unskewed view of the population.  Mobile data gives someone a very, very accurate picture of the tourism landscape for that destination - where people visit from and what they do at the destination."
 - Troy Thompson, Principal

Travel 2.0 Consulting Group