Accurate Research Data Through Mobile Insights






AirSage provides consumer location and movement data based on mobile device activity.  Choose from multiple report options to show just how active a location is, whether it’s retail, geographic, major event or multiple locations.  And down to the finest details, whether it’s a 100-meter area or as big as a 30-mile+ radius—over your specified period of time.












Imagine the possibilities... 

  • Access current and historical data for visibility into year-over-year visitor changes 
  • Make better market decisions with linked household demographics
  • Understand patterns between multiple potential sites to make better location decisions
  • Improve alternative simulations with accurate dynamic OD matrices for better investments
  • Compare your and your competitor’s store traffic over time to gauge changes in equity
  • Gather accurate counts of people that drive by a billboard on a typical weekday between 4-7pm
  • View trip generation rates and how far people travel to similar locations to predict impacts of a new development

Even better?  Our reports are faster to deploy, cheaper to integrate, and far more accurate than the traditional data collection methods you’re used to.

To see real examples of what AirSage has done for other organizations, view these case studies:

Or for more examples and to learn about other ways to use AirSage data, check out these success stories or register to attend a free webinar.


Quick Facts

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"Now we have a thousand times more data. The prices are generally comparable. In the future, we'll do less of the traditional method."

 —Mike Wallace, Fehr & Peers

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