AirSage visitor reports can give you improved visitor insights and the ability to see true marketing and advertising ROI... all using anonymous mobile signal data.

AirSage provides visitor location data based on mobile device activity.  Our report options show just how active a geographic area or Point-of-Interest (POI) is—as small as a 100-meter area or as big as a 30-mile+ radius—over the specified period of time.

For real examples of what AirSage has done for other organizations, view these case studies:

Even better?  Our reports are faster to deploy, cheaper to integrate, and far more accurate than the traditional data collection methods you’re used to.

Download this info sheet to find out more about simplified impact reporting, visitor origin reports, and in-depth demographic measurements through the most accurate, real visitor behavior.

Quick Facts

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"Now we have a thousand times more data. The prices are generally comparable. In the future, we'll do less of the traditional method."

 —Mike Wallace, Fehr & Peers

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