Study population movement at a location

Arrival and departure studies from AirSage


With AirSage mobility data, Arrival and Departure studies are easier than ever!

Transportation projects, where success is dependent on the results of Arrival and Departure studies, will see significantly greater detail and accuracy with digital mobility data from AirSage.  Transportation planners, traffic engineers and government organizations will appreciate the virtually unlimited modeling options, through which arrivals and departures can be evaluated.

AirSage data sets and visualization capabilities can help identify opportunities to improve:

  • Transportation system bottlenecks, reducing traffic flow restrictions and congestion
  • Queuing patterns of vehicles on streets and highways to upgrade community transportation
  • Waterway traffic in shipping lanes to create better ship schedules and safer vessel crossings
  • Emergency management planning, which can re-engineer evacuation protocols and save lives
  • Airport ground traffic management and in-terminal, foot-traffic planning that can maximize retailer marketing initiatives and support national security efforts


Whether your traffic planning project is local or national, retail- or community focused, mobility data is scalable and can fit any size project and any budget. And, it's only available from AirSage.


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"The information will be used to develop a travel demand model that will evaluate current and future travel patterns. That in turn will help guide decisions on where future road improvement projects and new highways will be needed.”

 —Rhett Fussell, Parsons Brinkerhoff