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Select Zone Analysis from AirSage is helping build better communities, commercial developments and transit plans.

AirSage data is a dream-come-true for transportation planners who need to accurately identify and forecast area-specific traffic patterns.  Capturing and analyzing data for Select Zone analysis using traditional methodologies can take months to complete and data often lacks value-added insights from surrounding areas and expanded day parts.  

Mobility data from AirSage; however, can be captured, aggregated, analyzed and incorporated into an executable transportation plan in just weeks.



  • Get information about the people traveling to/from specific locations to understand the travel impacts for different types of activities/demographics.
  • Identify how many trips are generated by a specific development - a park, stadium, housing development, hospital...
  • Understand what areas will a development draw from and when, e.g. what days and time of day people will likely travel there
  • See where people traveled from, how long people stay at, and where they go after traveling to an event or other geographic area
  • Count the population at a special event


The image on the right shows a Select Zone project that we did in the Lake Mead area.

This client wanted to understand visitor populations at national parks and wildlife areas across the U.S.

In the Lake Mead area, during (one) 3-hour period we saw 755 devices, with each device averaging 12.6 sightings. The red dots show where we saw the devices around the area - there were just over 3K visitors during this 3-hour period.   

What was particularly interesting to the client was the average length of visit and where the visitors spent time while in the area. This is data that they have never been able to accurately capture in the past.


Importantly, while Select Zone data from AirSage provides area-specific insights, it also includes data from surrounding areas and round-the-clock traffic patterns. With this unique access to population movement, you can be the source of valuable, unexpected insights and previously unidentified solutions.


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"The information will be used to develop a travel demand model that will evaluate current and future travel patterns. That in turn will help guide decisions on where future road improvement projects and new highways will be needed.”

 —Rhett Fussell, Parsons Brinkerhoff