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Access to data has been one of the major constraints on innovativation in  transportation practices.


  • Understand travel patterns of non-residents and transient populations - students, vacationers, business travelers...
  • See travel patterns for an average weekday or a specific day of the week
  • Analyze how weekends, holidays and seasonal variations affect travel patterns
  • Compare current travel patterns to historic travel patterns to better understand and monitor trends over time
  • Model when people make trips for different trip types such as non-work trips accross several geographies

You can now with AirSage. The Trip Matrix analysis provides the number of people and types of trips between two specific locations.


“Across the country, there have been road development projects in suburban areas that were overbuilt; roads that are 4 or 5 lanes wide when they could have been 2 or 3 lanes wide. There was a lot of money spent that didn’t need to be spent. Now, with this level of detail, when we put transportation improvements in the ground, we can get it right instead of just getting it close.”

– Andrew Rohne, Transportation Modeling Manager and Project Leader for The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (read the success story here)

With Trip Matrix analytics you select the specific geographic areas and date range(s) for which you are interested, whether you want to see only part of the day or the whole day, and how you want to aggregate the data over the week (choose every day or see averages for weekends only, for example). Additionally, there are options on the types of trips you need to analyze (home to work, work to other, etc.) and whether you want to see residents vs. visitors – the level of detail is up to you!



The data visualization above shows 24 hour trips in the Lexington, KY metro area

Click here to see a sample trip purpose distribution table too!


AirSage Origin-Destination trip matrix data allows you to see accurate patterns of movement in a matter of weeks and with far less expense!


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"The information will be used to develop a travel demand model that will evaluate current and future travel patterns. That in turn will help guide decisions on where future road improvement projects and new highways will be needed.”

 —Rhett Fussell, Parsons Brinkerhoff