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  • How many people commute to my county and from what counties do they commute?
  • Which top 20 counties do people commute from when commuting to my county?
  • Which nationwide counties do people commute to that live in my county?
  • How can I see indications of the labor market shifting across the nation?

The complimentary AirSage Nationwide Commute Report answers all of these questions by providing key insights into commuting patterns.  This data provides the total number of people who have a “home” location in one county and commute to a “work” location in another (or the same) county during the month of April 2014. 

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The AirSage Nationwide Commute Report has several benefits over traditional survey methods:

  1. Actual observed locations: Instead of self-reported data (which is often found to be error-prone) AirSage sees actual, revealed locations based on passive mobile device use
  2. Large sample size:  AirSage anonymously caputres the locations of roughly one-third of the U.S. population’s mobile devices 24 x 7
  3. Recent data:  AirSage is processing and aggregating this data in near real-time.  This enables recent, monthly or seasonal commute reports (and other population analytics) to be delivered in just weeks

Use the data to view regional and state-wide commute patterns, help with capital project / infrastructure prioritization, understand consumer commute patterns, transportation model validation, transit planning and more…

Click here, or the image below, to see a sample of commute data for San Francisco County, CA.

                                                  Click image to enlarge


Need data for a different time period, geographical resolution (i.e., Census Tract or Block Group) or a breakdown of commuter demographics such as annual household income, vehicle ownership or age? Contact us at sales@AirSage.com, call us at 404.809.2499 for pricing, or download Frequently Asked Questions.

If you're a member of the press and would like more information about the report, please contact Andrea Moe: amoe@airsage.com

And of course, we would love your feedback on the report when you're ready! Please let us know what you think.


what others say about the report

"This is quite an improvement over other data sources."
"A very easy to use format. I do like the ease of using this data and ability to do quick comparisons."
"I think AirSage is good for special generators (shopping malls, stadiums, concerts, airports). Good to put the data out there."
"It can help in finding, within a certain geographic region, which counties are popular destinations for work or other regular daytime activities and how economic conditions can change commuter patterns."