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The most important revelations revolve around the future of our industry and our communities. We all
want to see vibrant, livable communities; breathe cleaner air; experience well-planned transit systems;
and realize a more efficient use of resources. We don’t all agree on specific industry goals and what
challenges we’ll need to overcome, but we all have ideas about the transportation systems of the future.

Communications and transportation are two staples of the economy. Our ability to provide insights allows us to contribute to a more efficient transportation system; it’s our corporate responsibility and ingrained in our culture.

We hope you find the survey insightful!

                                                                                               - Cy Smith, Founder and CEO



what others say About the survey


"Our national priorities are clearly shifting.  Transportation professionals across the board are beginning to view transit, biking and walkable places as important pieces of the puzzle and they’re focusing more on how to make the best use of existing infrastructure.


This survey paints a revealing picture about how the field of transportation is changing and what we can expect to see from younger generations of transportation professionals in the next couple of decades."


Chris McCahill, Congress for the New Urbanism
Project for Transportation Reform