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  • API and On Premise Solution

Streetlytics a joint product by Airsage and citilabs

Streetlytics offers private and public sectors the opportunity to benefit from petabytes of location data and decades of analytics software development to push forward their lines of business into the age of location information. This is invaluable information for state, regional and local governments; insurance companies; real estate firms; banking and financial institutions; and advertising agencies of all sizes. For these industries, accurate data is often impossible to find, and the cost is typically difficult to justify.
For any road segment in the country, Streetlytics provides deep insights into traffic volumes, origins and destinations, speeds and driver demographics for any road segment or location in the United States.
AirSage and Citilabs have been operating in the population movement analytics for a combined history of more than 30 years. AirSage has been perfecting the art and science of converting big data mined from telecom carriers into population analytics for nearly 15 years. During the same time, Citilabs developed a core competency of helping transportation agencies measure and understand travel through cities, states and regions.
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Quick Facts

Michael Clarke, Citilabs President and CEO..

"These two companies have come together to bring a product to the marketplace that now leverages both AirSage's massive insights with the Citilabs intelligent network analytics engine. Fast location updates with typical latency of less than one second for single or multiple device locations. It's exciting to partner with AirSage to offer this superior traffic insights solution that is extremely accurate, affordable and available in a variety of formats depending on the business need."

User Friendly Interface

Point and click instant access to traffic volumes, flow quality, demographics and segmentations


Easily incorporate all the powerful Streetlytics insights available today into your own transportation, retail, real estate, out of home advertising or insurance applications

On Premise Solution

The streetlytics product can also be delivered as an on premise solution where needed.