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airsage partnerships


Wireless Carriers & Partners

Today, AirSage has relationships with two of the three largest carriers in the U.S. and equipment manufacturers in the world – providing the widest coverage and the most location information than anyone else. You have access to population analytics from a single source and can choose from an array of LBS with rich, robust data.

It's a valuable two-way partnership.  AirSage technology allows wireless carriers to monetize their underutilized signaling data without disrupting network infrastructure or performance.

Network & Equipment Manufacturers

AirSage has network interfaces with Motorola, Samsung, Lucent and Nortel. Combined, these companies constitute a significant portion of the global mobile infrastructure equipment. These equipment providers have proprietary data formats and restricted access.

Knowing what to ask for and how to extract the data is a unique strength that AirSage uses to provide its customers with the best and latest technology insights.

Solution Partners

Partnerships with software and solutions companies demonstrate the visionary approach to AirSage’s data collection and reporting.

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