AIRSAGE PROVIDES UNIQUE OPTIONS that allow you to uncover the the exponential possibilities for your project.  Whether you require new data or simply need to validate your other data, AirSage can provide accurate, timely data to meet your needs.

The cost of a Market Activity Study is determined by several different factors including:

  • the population in an area
  • the amount of time the data covers
  • the size and division of the coverage area(s)
  • and other additional refinements to suit your specific needs

AirSage takes mobile data and creates detailed reports specific to your industry needs.  Pricing for these reports is based on a scale, depicted in the graphic below.  

Your specifications determine the final cost, but basic data requests start at $10,000. Subscription-based reports are also available, making our data even more cost-effective. 


                                                     Click image to enlarge


All this at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional surveys or data collection. For more detail on all of our products, visit our product pages or join us for one of our upcoming webinars.  

Quick Facts

Who is AirSage?

From rural to urban, regional to state-to-state and travel demand model to transit studies, AirSage has you covered.

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How Does It Work?

AirSage has the widest coverage of any real-time location based service provider in the country.  We collect and analyze real-time mobile signals to produce over 15 billion anonymous locations every day.  By turning every mobile device (cell phones, tablets, PDAs, etc.) into a mobile data sensor AirSage provides unmatched scale and accuracy, while fully protecting user privacy. 

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