AirSage Local Activity Density INterface

The industry-first free mobile application for Location Intelligence. The simple-to-use interface for industry professionals to run complex location analytics based on population movement insights in just a few clicks. AirSage is the industry innovator, and continues to raise the bar in making data accessible.
AirSage Local Activity Density INterface

Unlock the Power of Data

See what data can do with a few simple steps. Create 3 free custom activity density studies based on high-quality data and patented methodology. Displayed instantly, these insights are privacy-friendly, reliable, and precise.
Best of all, they are free of charge!

Activity Density displays direct insight into the population movement patterns visualized through intuitive heatmaps. It captures how and when people move around a given study area, like parks, shopping centers, airports, event halls, evacuation areas…
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Data at your finger-tip

Please read carefully before launching your studies. The free version of ALADIN Mobile includes:
3 Free Activity Density Studies in the USA
Historical data back to 2017
Custom study areas up to 25 sq miles
Weekly study periods
6-hours steps for study visualization
Access to study gallery
AirSage custom studies pricing calculator
Free support and products demo request

Custom studies in 3 steps

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    Step 1

    Choose a study area within Google Maps. Click on the pencil to start drawing a polygon. Select the area of interest by tapping on the outer boundaries of the study location.

    Note: You need to tap at least 3 points to draw a polygon.
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    Step 2

    Name the selected area and select the week of your interest. Hit the START button to launch a study.

    Note: You can only select one full calendar week for each study.
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    Step 3

    In a few moments, a heat map of your selected location will be displayed. You can then dynamically play with study results, choose a specific time point, and zoom in and out the heatmap to get a detailed image.

    Note: You can run three full studies every day. If you need more, contact us.
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    Knowledge Hub

    ALADIN also provides free access to industry-leading AirSage insights and updates. This includes AirSage whitepapers, magazines, books, case studies, and blog articles by renowned authors.
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