AirSage taps into the power of billions of location signals. We extract geospatial insights from raw data using a patented big data approach. Our team leverages the experience of 20 years as a market innovator to deliver industry-leading accuracy.

We offer multiple products and insights to serve the different needs of our clients.

Nationwide Trip Matrix

Quantitatively describe the trip patterns between multiple zones in a given area. Each trip matrix includes a wide array of attributes for person trips like origin, destination, and home zones down to a census block group.

Nationwide Trip Matrix attributes include:

Trip Patterns

We know the where and when of >1 billion trips made every day in the US.

Trip Patterns attributes include:

Destinations Insights

Supporting Travel and Tourism industries, destination Insights self-service platform enabling market studies. Thus, users can understand insights of visitors to their market – both local/in-market residents and visitors from afar.

Destinations insights include:

Activity Density

Activity Density provides direct insight into the living population density heat map or daytime population density.

Activity Density attributes include:

POI Insights

POI Insights unlocks an understanding of visitor characteristics for any point of interest in North America.

Properties attributes include:

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