We put customers in the center of our attention and provide the best quality insights and services. So why do companies choose AirSage?

Acknowledged Expertise

AirSage is a pioneer in the Location Intelligence market. Over 20 years ago, AirSage started to serve its first clients, continuously delivering high results. Our blue-chip clients appreciate our knowledge in providing cutting-edge location insights.

Focus on Outcome

AirSage has built a reputation for developing a deep understanding and delivering robust insights to support your business case.

Pinpoint accuracy

Our experience in location intelligence is unmatched; our latest algorithms boast 99.9% accuracy in identifying users’ mobility status.

No dependency on carriers

Unlike other providers, we use aggregate app-based location data.

Size of the data panel

AirSage provides one of the largest data panels in the market.

Adherence to regulatory concerns

AirSage meets all existing regulations (incl. CCPA, GDPR) and exceeds their requirements, with no impact on the insights or data we provide. Our deliverables contain no sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) data, eliminating the privacy risk for you.

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