What is Visual Analytics?

Visual Analytics describes the science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive graphical interfaces. Despite different methods of automated data analysis, visual analytics can provide a more effective response in a context where data is produced at an increasing rate and the ability to collect and store it is higher than the ability to analyze it. It is also essential to include it to approach the complex nature of the many problems early in the data analysis process.

Visual analysis methods allow decision-makers to combine their human flexibility, creativity, and basic knowledge with today's computers' massive storage and processing capabilities to get an overview of complex problems. Using advanced visual interfaces, users can interact directly with data analysis capabilities, making well-informed decisions in complex situations. Visual Analytics combines business intelligence and analysis tools in a single system representing reality in a “data-driven” format. Thus, millions of data are analyzed in a few seconds and displayed in a graphical interface, logically and not in a pre-constituted format.

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