December 29, 2022

Benefits Of Location Analytics For Parks

Big parks worldwide have used cutting-edge technology to learn more about their visitors. This lets them study how people act and create an environment that makes operations run more smoothly and brings in more money. Location analytics can help improve efficiency, customer engagement, and sales by giving helpful information. Also, the analytics provide essential details about how many employees will be needed to man gatehouses,  visitor centers,, and other services in the future. 

How Can Smartphone Location Data Help?

Location data from mobile devices is one of the newest ways parks are being planned based on data. Mobile device location data can help inform park planning and development by informing planners about how people move through parks and the locations inside them. Using this information to study park visitors can be less expensive and more reliable than doing counts and surveys in person at parks. Here are a few examples:

  • Smartphone location data can reveal how individuals move through parks and which locations they use.
  • Sometimes the data makes perfect sense. For example, maintaining parks within walking distance of residents encourages them to visit more frequently.
  • Visitor statistics help direct resources toward supporting communities and park users.

Location Data In Public Parks

Smartphone location data can help the public sector understand how people travel through parks and what venues they use. Keep parks within a short walk of people, and they will visit more often. Identify and remove access impediments. Create play areas, provide views, and a place to sit. Those are timeless lessons. However, the statistics also show the limitations of established approaches. In most American cities, older models conceal disparities in park visitation rates. GPS data immediately captures this disparity and allows us to address it.

Smartphone data streams can link to other destinations. Commercial corridors adjacent to parks are a significant motivator of use. Investment in improving these connections could boost trade and park attendance. We should constantly evaluate success. 

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