AirSage announces new updates to its self-service Activity Density Platform

ATLANTA, GEORGIA , UNITED STATES, February 1, 2022 / -- AirSage is one of the first companies to translate wireless network signaling data into usable location intelligence information. Preliminary research evolved in technique-based, patents, and methodology that allow AirSage to deliver the most complete population analytics and movement patterns available today. AirSage provides the most comprehensive coverage of any location-based data service provider in the United States. Generating and evaluating billions of anonymous data points by collecting and analyzing real-time cellphone signals, GPS, and other location data, AirSage customers benefit from unrivaled scalability and precision, all while maintaining complete data privacy.

AirSage's commitment to keep innovating and elevating the bar in making data freely available to everyone is demonstrated by today's launch, which follows the launching of the recent mobile app "ALADIN." With the recent updates to the self-service Activity Density Platform, customers can now measure and identify devices throughout the day for any specified "hot spot" location or special event within a defined geographical region. This tool can be used to develop a clear knowledge of how people travel throughout a region, which can impact development patterns, detect event-based migration patterns, and handle emergency management applications, among other things.

Media corporations, enterprises, investors, transit planners, real estate owners, travel & tourism specialists, along with many other organizations can simply access AirSage’s data for study and planning. These insights can be readily integrated into larger models and analytics solutions, providing customers a major competitive advantage when it comes to solving complex situations, planning for growth and designing creating marketing campaigns, or building stronger customer relationships. These updates include:

• Aggregated unique devices in a geographical grid
• Perfect for general population movement and density
• Data output is aggregated by 10-100-1000-meter grids

Introducing "ALADIN" by AirSage:
ALADIN by AirSage is the new AirSage Local Activity Density Interface. It is an industry-first free mobile application for analyzing location data built for several industries. Academics and professionals can framework complex location analytics research on population mobility in only a few clicks with the user-friendly interface. These insights play a crucial role in such industries as Transportation Planning, Urban Planning & Design, Smart City, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, and more.

ALADIN offers special features tailored to data-driven industries. This includes:

• Three free activity density analyses,
• Historical data back to 2017,
• Custom study areas up to 25 sq. miles,
• Weekly study intervals,
• Free access to the AirSage Knowledge Hub,
• Custom studies pricing calculator, and
• Free support and products demo upon request.

February 1, 2022
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