AirSage announces launch of Tailored Solutions for location intelligence information

USA, September 15, 2022 / -- AirSage, Inc. is transforming mobile location and connected vehicle (CV) data into robust location intelligence and insights for private and public sector clients in the transportation and travel and tourism industries. In a statement released today, AirSage announces its robust offering of Tailored Solutions which is specifically created to meet the diverse business needs for location intelligence information, regardless of industry affiliation, geography, or organization size.

Tailored Solutions is a customizable suite of AirSage’s product offerings that will help all organizations. With this customizable package, the AirSage team will spend the necessary time to gain an understanding and analyze the challenges that you face and work with on a daily basis. In doing so, AirSage is very adept at advising clients on the various types of location data that will provide meaningful insight that will help you solve these challenges. By tweaking existing solutions and products that AirSage has proven out over the years, clients are provided with a brand-new, tailored, solution to fit their needs. These solutions are carefully created by our team of solutions advisors and data scientists. These customized outputs can highlight the type of insight that organizations need for a multitude of reasons - such as exploring new markets or site locations, streamlining operations, and even to expedite growth. It’s all possible with Tailored Solutions from AirSage.

The Tailored Solutions offered by AirSage is the nexus of location data and industry leading insight. Tailored Solutions includes AirSage’s products that have already been proven out for scalable solutions of any size. They include footfall analysis, home location of visitors at points of interest, population densities that present a temporal heatmap of population hotspots, and even an understanding of trip origins and destinations that leverage AirSage’s Custom Trip Matrix and Nationwide Trip Matrix output. The output is extremely flexible and can be provided in .CSV output, usable in a multitude of mapping and analysis programs.

AirSage’s Tailored Solutions product offerings are currently being leveraged by major automobile manufacturers, oil and natural gas investment companies, retail conglomerates, site selection teams, and many more users with diverse needs.

To learn more about AirSage and our products, let’s schedule a meeting and discuss how we can help you gather powerful location intelligence information.

September 15, 2022
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