AirSage’s product line provides the most comprehensive and accurate insights on how populations move around cities, regions, states, and nationwide.

AirSage has remained in the forefront of the location data industry since 2000 and offers a suite of products to present insights on population movements across various industries. Our shift from wireless carrier to GPS location and now by adding CV data reinforces how we continue to be a leader in leveraging the most up-to-date technology as we stay ahead of the curve in the evolving location data marketplace.

AirSage Products

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Custom Trip Matrix

O-D Trip Matrix with custom zones

Waypoint Data

 Multimodal insights about movement of vehicles and people

Nationwide Trip Matrix

O-D Trip Matrix with census block group zones

Destination Location Analysis

UI for monthly visitor estimates

Target Location Analysis

UI for daily population estimates within a polygon or POI

Activity Density

UI for population density heat maps
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