May 21, 2022

Smarter, Savvier Destination Golf Resorts Use Location Intelligence

Location data and analytics are powering business growth across all industries, and golf courses and resorts are no exception. Access to golf visitor insights and visitation trends are proving to be essential pieces of information for decision-makers and marketers at courses all across North America.

Here’s a look into the benefits of location intelligence and how this Resourceful innovation can help golf courses and resorts to excel.

Improve Ad Spend

Location intelligence is the perfect solution for courses and resorts wanting to maximize their marketing budget and eliminate costly advertising waste. Basing ad spend on proximity, credit card receipts, or guesswork often yields wasted advertising dollars and failed marketing efforts. Luckily, location intelligence provides an efficient fix to this problem with insights into the golfer’s home markets, visitation trends, and unique consumer behaviors. This information proves invaluable for marketers and key decision-makers as it allows for the creation of hyper-focused marketing efforts that precisely target the desired audiences. 

Reach New Markets

Knowing where your visiting golfers call home gives marketers the ability to look beyond their destination’s immediate area and reach markets outside of their local community. Hundreds of metro areas across the country are teeming with new potential visitors and are often overlooked during campaign planning simply because marketers are unaware of golfers who have come from these markets in the past. Location intelligence brings these feeder markets to light and allows marketers to find pockets of ideal golfers outside of the standard location radius for their course.  They can even target specific areas contributing visitors during different months of the year.  Ex: Chicago golfers tend to head to Arizona and Southern California in February, but not before that in the winter.

Win Over Competitor’s Customers

Gaining visitation insights, improving ad spend, and illuminating new markets are certainly beneficial, but gaining an advantage over your competition is even better. Location intelligence can provide course and resort owners with a look into their competition and the customers that frequent other courses. When the efforts and results of significant competitors are uncovered, decision-makers can modify their campaigns to convert or re-gain these lucrative golfers.

Understand Consumer Behaviors

For golf clubs and resorts alike, understanding their customers and the behaviors which make them unique is an important part in planning marketing efforts. Spatial intelligence provides answers to some of the biggest questions regarding the unique choices customers make along their consumer journey. Insights into things such as consumer preferences, behaviors, and visitor demographics enables golf courses to hone in on their ideal golfer and better personalize their marketing messages to reach these individuals.  Knowing what your golfers are doing in their home market can inform where you target them before their trip.  Knowing where your golfers are going once they’re visiting can inform where you can reach them in-market.

Marketing experts have proven that higher response rates are achieved from personalized marketing messages and promotional campaigns, and this rings especially true for those within the golfing industry. No one golfer is alike, therefore the need for individual-focused messages is even greater. 

There is no doubt that the benefits of leveraging location data are powerful and the potential use cases are many. This innovative resource is assured to provide golf clubs and resorts with informational insights necessary for making the best decisions for their course and golfers. In other words, the use of location intelligence is a piped drive right down the fairway for golf clubs, resorts, and courses of all sizes.

You’re set up perfectly to hit the green!


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