Destination Location Analysis

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Gain more behavior-based insights for your destination market

Our travel & tourism data tool provides competitive insight that most competitors lack. Perfect for complementing your intercept surveys, our data is driven by millions of daily anonymous mobile device sightings.

Fully self-managed platform

Set up study in just 3-minutes

Quick results in minutes, not days*

Reliable study insights

Provides visitor origin, demographics, and travel within the market

Accounts for passthrough, day trips, and overnight visitation

Platform Features

We developed our cutting edge, user-friendly application to easily power your market research.

Downloadable Data

Easily export the data report to a CSV file when needed.

Quick Results

Don’t wait weeks for your data. Our backend processes each month (or event) of data in just about 20 minutes.

Visualized Goodness

The fun part is seeing your research visualized — so we did the heavy lifting for you.

Census Class Demographics

Understand who your visitors are with our class segmentation based on ten census classes.

Seasonality Trends

View visitation counts and build seasonality trends with historical data going back to January 2017.

Overnight Visitation & Day Trips

See where overnight visitors are coming from and day-trip visitors who spend more than four hours in your market.

Event Impact & Population Density

Pair event impact functionality with population density to identify movement in your market.

An Ever Growing Roadmap

Our team is dedicated to always bringing the newest innovation to our application.

Free Trial

Contact our sales team to unlock a free trial of Destination Location Analysis - Lite. 

How it works

We’ve made tourism market research simple. Our advanced methodology has made big data processing easier than ever and allows clients to access their data on our self-service platform automatically.

Define Your Market or Property Area

Choose from pre-drawn metro areas and counties, or simply draw your own shape in our easy-to-use drawing tool. The “study area” drawn on the map will use anonymous devices seen in the area during the month or during days selected for an event impact study.

Filter Out Local Devices

If you want to measure true visitation to your market or property, exclude devices, or “locals”, seen in the area that also reside within a specified mile radius.

Add Points of Interest

See where visitors to your market have gone by defining points of interest, like local restaurants, attractions, stadiums, and more. Devices observed at these points will also have been seen in your market or property during your defined study period.

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