Nationwide Trip Matrix

Nationwide Trip Matrix

Our full self-service UI for nationwide studies.

Conduct trip matrix queries agency-wide with our self-serving, web-based UI. Each trip matrix includes a wide array of attributes for person trips like origin, destination, and home zones down to a census block group.

Self-service UI

Log in any time to your easy-to-use web-based application

Trip Purpose

View nine classifications of trip purpose among Home, Work, and Other

Day Aggregation

Choose between four different bins of days to compare movement patterns on a day to day basis.

Person Trips

See unique counts extrapolated to entire population

Time of Day

Identify movement at hourly intervals to see how people move at different times in the day.

Origin, Home, and Destination Zones

View traveler origin, home, and destination zones down to the census block group level.

Flexible Data Output

Export the data in CSV file format for ultimate flexibility and easily integrate with GIS and mapping tools, Excel, Tableau and Power BI.

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