Target Location Analysis

Target Location Analysis

The only footfall analysis tool with estimated visitor counts based on the origin population.

Get extrapolated visitor counts and demographics from your competitors. Our property footfall is perfect for commercial site selection, property insights, and sport venues.

Self- serve application for results in minutes with custom drawn POIs

Visitor origin and estimated counts – not just raw device counts

Frequency of visits, duration, and a profile of visitors

Platform Features

One of the original property visitation insight products on the market, now using anonymous GPS mobile data for more accurate analysis.

Point Type Filter

Select a subset from sightings, filter by endpoints, home, work, and moving points.

Study Time Period

Define the study period in calendar month(s), weeks, days, or days of weeks.

Visitor Origin

Find day-and-evening origin locations at the census block group for device visits.

Self Serve Reporting

Define your points of interest and get results in minutes for historical data going back to 2017.

Frequency & Duration

Bins used to filter down to sighting frequencies, durations, and distance from home or work.


Estimated income distribution, gender, and age of visitors – broken down by POI.
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