Tailored Solutions

Partner with AirSage to produce customized data output and solutions for special projects.
AirSage can help you solve some of your most difficult business challenges using the power of location analytics. We leverage more than 20 years of experience in big data processing to provide industry leading insights regarding population movement and visitation patterns, which is why AirSage is the trusted location data expert that enterprises choose.

Our team understands that every client is unique and that each has data needs that may not be offered – or even known – elsewhere in the marketplace. This is why we offer tailored solutions for your organization. We are eager to help take your business to the next level and turn your future goals into reality. Not only does AirSage provide clients with customized data output but also solutions that are perfectly tailored to business needs.

Examples of projects we have worked on include:
Major motor vehicle assembler A unique tracking solution that identified supplier issues before the problem manifested itself in late deliveries.
Gas and convenience store retail chain Key location data identifying optimal sites for expansion.
Oil and petroleum software provider Solution that measured activity levels at well heads or drilling sites.

Tailored Solutions is not restricted by geography or industry vertical. In fact, our clients span the industry spectrum and even include federal government organizations like NASA, the EPA,  and more.

AirSage has helped clients in various private and public sectors:

Supply Chain
Advertising and Marketing
Financial Technology
Planning and Engineering Consulting Firms
Property Management
Parks and Services
Attractions (Theme Parks, Museums, etc.)
Golf Courses
Sporting and Concert Events
Bike Sharing
Rail & Transit Planning
Emergency Management

     Tailored Solutions Products

Tailored Solutions includes but is not limited to the following products. Tell us your business need, and we will do our best to find a solution.

Target Location Analysis

Home & work locations
Trade area development
Device count
POI comparisons
Custom dayparts

Ideal for site selection, property insights, and event venues
Digital Work

Activity Density

10m, 100m, 1,000m grid cells
Hourly reporting
Total number of unique devices per grid
Total amount of time (in hours) for all activities

Ideal for public services, emergency management, traffic planning, and wireless network planning
What Is Location Intelligence

Trip Matrix

Origin, Home, & Destination Zones
Day aggregation
Time of day

 Ideal for travel demand models, mobility, rail, and transit planning, and event planning

Flexible Data Output

Data output is typically provided in CSV file format for greatest flexibility. Output easily integrates into multiple platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, ArcGIS, QGIC, and Excel. Our data is also made available in a self-service UI.

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