December 28, 2022

This Year’s Expected Holiday Travel Patterns

According to Statista, Americans are expected to drive home for Christmas in droves this holiday season, with winter travelers by automobile expected to reach 100 million for the first time since 2019.

The relaxation of lockdowns and mask regulations, combined with high vaccination rates, gave passengers a sense of normalcy in 2022. The number of holiday travelers by automobile is expected to climb by 2 million by Christmas 2022. Air travel will increase by 14%, despite the price of air travel jumping by 36% in November 2022. According to this estimate, holiday travel in the United States will gradually return to pre-pandemic levels.

What Are The Busiest Travel Days?

From December 18 to January 3, about 54 million people are expected to fly, according to data from the online booking platform Hopper. The data also shows that this week's Thursday and Friday and the next two Mondays (Dec. 26 and Jan. 3) will be some of the busiest travel days of the season.

What Will Hotel Occupancy Look Like?

As the holidays get closer, fewer people stay in hotels, and this year was the same.

For the week of December 11–17 in the U.S., occupancy dropped from 59.6% to 54.5%. Based on what had happened in the past, the drop was about what was expected. All days of the week saw a decline in occupancy from one week to the next. From Tuesday to Thursday, occupancy fell by 6.5 percentage points, while on the other days, it fell by an average of 4 percentage points.

Wrapping Up

This year's holidays will be different, so it will be necessary for businesses to predict how people will act in the future. When you combine predictive analytics with location intelligence, you can learn much about how holiday travel is changing.

Moreover, it gives businesses the tools to stay ahead of the competition and change how they treat their customers to meet new expectations during the holiday season.

Cities, DMOs, and CVBs will know how to help hotel partners and where to market their city to get the most visitors if they know how people are likely to travel.

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