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Identify your target markets, learn from competitors, and optimize your marketing spend with AirSage visitation insights.
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Our expertise lies in providing data that organizations go to for outcome-driven solutions. Understanding the patterns of your visitors when it comes to allocating budgets for things like ad spend, infrastructure enhancements and improving traffic patterns (knowing the "where" and "why") is essential for long-term success and growth. 

AirSage provides clients with insights on the number of visitors in a location, the length of their visit, their home locations, and so much more.

The patented algorithms we leverage in our data processing result in a huge number of industry leading statistics regarding visitors in any market. All of this information is available through our interactive, self-service, user interface. What AirSage offers is a customized travel and tourism big data solution that fits your organization's needs.

AirSage provides various tiers of access to our data and insights. Our range of options exceeds the standards of what other travel & tourism data analytics companies can offer because over the past two decades, AirSage has been able to sharpen the accuracy of our output and increase our own standards of excellence.

Travel & Tourism Products

Self Service UI
Visitor Home Locations
Average Length of Stay
Overnight Stay vs. Day Trip
Seasonality Trends
Event Impacts
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Home & Work Locations
Trade Area Development
Device Count
Custom Dayparts
POI Comparisons
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Self Service UI
Time Based Visual Heat Map
Aggregated Unique Devices in a Geographical Grid
Tracking Movements Between Events
Hourly Reporting
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We have embraced a value pricing model to provide a solution that fits your wants and needs. Annual subscriptions start at $6,500 for Travel & Tourism clients. The exact price is dependent on several factors including the geographical size of your market and the number of points of interest.
  • Executive Director of Visit Clearfield County offers testimonial of AirSage's Destination Location Analysis platform
    “When it was time to renew AirSage, the Board said ‘Yes, get it!’, and the grant committee said they loved it."
    - Susan Swales-Vitullo, Executive Director, Visit Clearfield County
  • "(AirSage) has been a game changer for planning our marketing, and I for sure want to discuss renewal for next year."
     - Blaina Best, Director of Tourism, Monroe County Government

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