February 10, 2022

Why Ski Resorts & Other Winter Sports Destinations Need Location Intelligence

After the first snowfall of the year, snowboarders, skiers, and other winter vacationers start flocking to their favorite winter destinations.

The colder months are also a time when many hotels and ski resorts, winter apparel brands, and mountain recreation stores want to do all they can to drive revenue and increase sales. Luckily for marketing teams and decision-makers at beloved winter destinations and brands, location intelligence is providing all the information necessary to implement effective destination marketing campaigns and assure maximizing revenue during the peak ski season. 

Here’s how: 

Finding the Adventure Seekers 

While most winter destinations and apparel brands have an idea of the ideal customer they’d like to target,  they often don’t know who these vacationers, what makes them unique, or where they live and work. Location data helps with the identification of these perfect customers by using anonymous mobile GPS pings to provide these answers. For example, hotels or resorts that cater mostly to families can use device sightings to determine which markets nuclear families live in all the way down to a census tract level - that’s nearly the neighborhood in which these people live. These sightings can also be analyzed to help identify customers that were also sighted at and around a resort property to bring to light potential markets that already have an existing interest in winter vacations. 

Understanding Visitor Preferences

Understanding who visitors are and what they do while at home is arguably among the most important information marketers can leverage. Location intelligence can help brands understand where their visitors call home, what they do during the warmer months and other key demographics that make them unique. Granular information such as this allows advertisers to reach their customers with personalized ad campaigns and tailored promotions long before the ski season begins. For instance, if a mountain-based resort finds its strongest markets belong to members of the older demographics, they can create promotions offering senior discounts, free ski rentals, and other things enticing to that demographic. 


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