How Visit Clearfield County Optimized Grant Allocation and Visitation

About Visit Clearfield County

Commonly known as “halfway to everywhere”, Clearfield County is conveniently situated along I-80 in central Pennsylvania, easily accessed from Routes 219 and US 322. Susan Swales-Vitullo, Executive Director of Visit Clearfield County, the county’s convention and visitors bureau, has been with the organization for over 12 years. She oversees the destination’s events, partnerships and grant approval process.


Each year, Susan works with the grant committee to award grant funding for events. Using historical data like ticket sales and surveys, she helps decide how to allocate the grant money and where the events should take place.


At a conference, Susan heard about AirSage from an industry colleague and was immediately intrigued. She had been wanting to collect more data for grant awarding and to see how events affect visitation to Clearfield County. After speaking with AirSage about their location intelligence platforms and learning they would show her the number of visitors to the county, the markets they were coming from, and their demographics on any given date, she decided to move forward. The data would be invaluable to her grant committee and hotel partners.


Using AirSage location data, Susan now better understands how events impact visitation to the county. She can distribute grant funds more accurately and determine event locations that optimize visitation. Susan says, “Every event (at least 1-2 per month) that has happened in our county has benefited from AirSage.”

Accurate Grant Distribution

AirSage location data helped Susan distribute grant funding more accurately based on visitation results per event.

Higher Event Attendance

A 2022 event had higher attendance due to a decision based on AirSage data to move the event location.

Stronger Partnerships

Visit Clearfield County helped hotel partners choose locations for their event to boost occupancy.
"I always say how much I like AirSage, and everything that comes with it. The team is great to work with.”
-Susan Swales-Vitullo
Executive Director, Visit Clearfield County
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