AirSage for Transportation Planning

Improve your transportation planning with AirSage

Gain access to the most reliable and accurate mobility data available in the market to enhance your transportation planning. Leverage AirSage data in various use cases to make better informed decisions.

Transportation Modeling

Obtain accurate data and insights to support model development that reflects baseline conditions. 

Intersection and Corridor Analysis

Leverage estimated turning movement counts and vehicle level insights for intersection and corridor studies.

Transportation Demand Management

Evaluate trip patterns to determine what management strategies could have the biggest impact.

Link Analysis

Discern who is traveling on a selected roadway link, where they’re traveling to and from, when and why.

Transit Studies

Understand where travelers are traveling to and from and the level of vehicle trips that could be made using transit.

Social Equity

Identify how underserved communities are impacted by projects to effect a more equitable outcome.
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“With AirSage data, we could separate out the resident population from the visitor population and then compare the travel trends and travel behavior to segments of the population. In general, I would say that location-based services data does give additional information if used wisely for modeling.”

- Arup Dutta, Travel Demand Modeling Program Manager
Maricopa Association of Governments

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