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Transportation data customized to you

With AirSage's expertise in data sourcing and extensive experience in transportation, we are able to source data that suits your unique project needs. Tell us what you need, and we will customize the data output for you. At AirSage, we are constantly searching for the highest value data that is most appropriate for our clients. 

the most reliable data in the market

AirSage procures its data from multiple, diverse sources which protects against market changes and ensures data reliability and representativeness.  On an ongoing basis, AirSage evaluates the data available in the marketplace to maximize the quantity and quality of data in its panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more, please visit our FAQ page or contact us using the form below.

Is there a free trial available?

For agencies and those who want to learn more about AirSage and the data solutions we provide, contact us to schedule a meeting.

Is there a special plan for NGOs, researchers and academics?

Yes, we have supported multiple NGOs, research groups and universities. Contact us to learn how can we help you in your mission.

How does AirSage normalize the data?

AirSage cleanses the data we use on ingest. We apply point types to sightings and various other important metadata for our individual product processing. Further, we don’t use bid-stream data like other providers.

How does AirSage apply "point types" to "sightings"?

We discern user behavior, for example, at home/work vs. moving through a reported point vs. at a stationary location.

How does AirSage measure “home” and “work” locations?

We like to also consider “home” and “work” locations as “daytime” and “evening” locations. These locations are based on where devices ping the most during the daytime and late evening.

Does AirSage offer privacy-friendly solutions?

AirSage has maintained consumer data privacy as a top priority for more than a decade. We achieve this goal through a three-step data protection strategy. AirSage is CPRA and GDPR compliant.

Trusted by transportation professionals for more than 20 years

  • Headshot of Petya Maneva. She has short red, pink and blond hair with brown eyes. She is wearing a dark blue suit jacket. Background is blurred but has bushes and trees.
    "Location data like AirSage data is a very useful supplement to survey data and other sources we use."

    -Petya Maneva, Transportation Engineer IV
    Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)
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  • Professional photo of Soroush Salek, Director of Traffic Engineering at CIMA+
    "AirSage connected vehicle data provided us with an opportunity to create a fourth list of priority locations, and we used that information in the development of the action plan to identify locations where certain countermeasures could be incorporated."

     - Soroush Salek, Director of Traffic Engineering
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  • Headshot of Cynthia Albright. who has short blonde hair, blue eyes. She is wearing a white shirt with a bow on the front and tear-drop earrings. She is leaning against a white office door. Background has white and gray tones
    The GPS point classification files provided by AirSage were the best asset for Stantec to use for the Tahoe Transportation Authority analysis, leading to key insights that helped us recommend what needed to be done to reduce car traffic and congestion coming in and out of the Lake Tahoe area.

     - Cynthia Albright, Senior Principal of Planning & Urban Design
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  • "My work with AirSage has allowed us to characterize human behavior around natural resources in ways we could not before and at large scales matching environmental protection goals."

     - Nate Merrill, Environmental Economist
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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