• Building Data-driven
    Transportation Systems

    Unmatched data accuracy and reliability for Transportation Agencies, Engineering Firms and Mobility Enterprises
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  • Developing Intelligent Concepts for
    Smart Cities

    Anonymized and aggregated human movement insights to improve Livability, Sustainability and Equity of American cities
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  • Growing People-centric
    Travel & Tourism

    Best-in-class Destinations and Targets analytics to study Visitation Trends, Audiences, Travel Behavior and Competition
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AirSage leverages patented technologies and 20 years of experience in the location intelligence space.

AirSage taps into the power of billions of location signals. We extract geospatial insights from raw data using a patented big data approach. As a pioneer in human movement patterns, we leverage 20 years of experience serving clients successfully while continuously innovating to deliver industry-leading accuracy.
Years of Experience
Big Data Patents
Monthly Unique Devices
Historical Data Points

most accurate & reliable human movement insights.

Because we believe in building a better future based on understanding human movement.

How to get started?


AirSage Mobile

Instant. Accessible. Free.
ALADIN is the industry-first free mobile application for Location Intelligence. The simple-to-use interface for industry professionals to run complex location analytics based on population movement insights in just a few clicks. 

AirSage Web SaaS

Simple. Intuitive. Professional.
Use our Self-service applications to configure and visualize your data, import it into your own business intelligence tools, or use our platform to build your own applications.


AirSage Marketpalce

Relevant. Reliable. Complete. 
For maximum research freedom, AirSage's insights are available in multiple Marketplaces, such as AWS, TETC, SAP. Experience the full potential of Big Data, enrich it with other relevant sources and build the most powerful models.
  • Nationwide Trip Matrix (NWTM)

    Our new traffic solution, paired with traditional Trip Matrixes, or origin-destination trip tables

    Rich O-D data

    Nine different classifications for trip purpose

    Best-in-class Accuracy

    Unique counts for extrapolated person trips

    Time Aggrigation

    Identify trips at hourly, daily or any other custom intervals

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  • AirSage Destinations

    Self-service visitation insights based on your custom or competitor market(s)

    Easy-to-use UI

    Immersive UI allows easy data retrieval and exploration

    Competitive overview

    Study competing markets – where visitors come from, who they are, how long they stay in market, and points of interest visited

    Analytics & Prediction

    Easy event impact runs for your market or competitor market(s)

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  • Population Density

    Movement of anonymous mobile devices, based on grid area(s)

    Unique device count

    Study event impact in an area or general population movement and density

    Precise aggregation & visualization

    Aggregated output in 10-100-1000 meter grids

    ALADIN Mobile

    The data is available on mobile for free

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  • AirSage targets

    Location based insights for retail, commercial venues, and public properties

    Easy-to-use UI

    Self-service UI for custom points of interest – owned properties, competitive analysis split screens, or market research

    Complete location overview

    Visit durations, frequency of visits, common day-and-evening hour locations, and demographics

    Complimentary O-D data

    Visitor origin and estimated counts – not just raw device counts

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  • ALADIN Mobile

    AirSage Local Activity Density INterface
    The industry-first free mobile application for Location Intelligence


    ALADIN is a free mobile application available for download on iOS and Android

    Custom Study Areas

    Analyze custom study areas up to 25 sq miles


    Professional location data available in minutes

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Frequently asked questions

For more answers visit AirSage's FAQ page or contact one of our representatives

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can run Activity Density studies for free using our mobile application - ALADIN. It's available for download on iOS and Android.

Is there a special plan for NGOs, researchers and academics?

Yes, we already supported multiple NGOs, research groups and universities. Contact us to learn how can we help you in your mission.

How does AirSage normalize the data?

AirSage cleanses the data we use on ingest. We apply point types to sightings and various other important metadata for our individual product processing. Further, we don’t use bid-stream data like other providers.

How does AirSage apply "point types" to "sightings"?

We discern user behavior, for example, at home/work vs. moving through a reported point vs. at a stationary location.

How does AirSage measure “home” and “work” locations?

We like to also consider “home” and “work” locations as “daytime” and “evening” locations. These locations are based on where devices ping the most during the daytime and late evening.

Does AirSage offer privacy-friendly solutions?

AirSage has maintained consumer data privacy as a top priority for more than a decade. We achieve this goal by implementing a three-step data protection strategy. AirSage is CCPA and GDPR compliant.

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