Case Studies

Real life examples of how AirSage has helped customers get the data they need to accomplish great things.
Environmental Solutions

Montrose Environmental Group | AirSage Target Location Analysis

Before AirSage, data collection at Montrose was labor intensive, cost intensive, and time intensive. The team physically traveled to recreational sites and counted visitors by hand for months. In general, the company could only focus on a few jobs at a time because it was so invested on data collection. One of the biggest questions was: “How do we grow while at the same time helping our current clients?” After completing an extensive literature review, the Montrose team turned to AirSage..

Learn how Montrose achieved 90% time savings and entered new market segments by switching to AirSage Target Location Analysis data.
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Travel Demand Modeling

Maricopa Association of Governments | AirSage Trip Matrix

Historically, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) has relied on a number of different data sources for estimation, calibration, and validation for its travel demand models.  However, these data sources may not account for some segments of the population, such as the visitor population. Visitors to the region are hard to survey and if surveyed, provide limited information. Knowing the increasing accuracy of location-based services (LBS) data, MAG Travel Demand Modeling Program staff investigated the use of LBS data to fill these gaps.

Learn how Maricopa Association of Governments used AirSage Trip Matrix to supplement their data sources, increasing data accuracy.
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Smart City

NASA | AirSage Activity Density

AirSage has been involved in supporting NASA's Ground Risk Assessment Service Provider development effort for over 3 years. The goal of this research was to determine the various kinds of threats unmanned drone flying patterns in and near highly populated metropolitan areas entail.

NASA utilizes AirSage’s solution to obtain high-resolution, dynamic (or hourly) population density data to predict pre-flight non-participant fatality risk. AirSage came in to assist with this component of the study by supplying data acquired through their Population Density tool.
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Transportation Planning

Stantec | Winnipeg Transit Master Plan

Growing population, rapid urbanization, environmental changes. Our cities are changing faster than ever before. Winnipeg is not an exception. Learn how Winnipeg city authorities used people movement data to increase their transportation network’s efficiency.
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AirSage The Tahoe Transportation Authority Case Study Final
Transportation Planning

Stantec | The Tahoe Transportation Authority

Take an exclusive look at how the major engineering services company, Stantec, leverages AirSage data. The case study reveals what insight Stantec provided to the Tahoe Transportation Authority to better understand travel trends at Lake Tahoe. As a result of a long-term trusting cooperation with AirSage, Stantec won the 2019 Gold Award for Excellence in Transportation planning by the APA.
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