AirSage for Travel Demand Modeling

Improve your travel demand models with AirSage data

AirSage offers the largest and most accurate O-D data in the market as a result of our expertise in data sourcing and cleansing. Validate trip origins and trip destinations in your models using AirSage data to fill in the gaps left by surveys. 

Higher data quality

Receive greater sample sizes and broader spatiotemporal coverage with AirSage compared to surveys.

Fast turnaround

Acquire AirSage O-D data more quickly compared to waiting months for survey collection.

More insights

Gain more insights about visitors to region - whose behavior is typically challenging to measure.
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Headshot of Petya Maneva. She has short red, pink and blond hair with brown eyes. She is wearing a dark blue suit jacket. Background is blurred but has bushes and trees.
"Location data like AirSage (O-D) data is a very useful supplement to survey data and other sources we use.

- Petya Maneva, Transportation Engineer IV,
Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)
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