Why AirSage?

The AirSage advantage.

Patented developments and methodologies enable AirSage to provide the most comprehensive human movement data in the market. We collect and analyze real-time mobile device signals, GPS, connected vehicle (CV) data, and other location data to produce and process billions of anonymized data points daily. As a result, AirSage provides unmatched scale and accuracy to its customers while fully protecting data privacy.

 20 years of experience

Highest quality data

In-house transportation experts

Customized solutions

Flexible data output 

Commitment to privacy and security

Our methodology

AirSage collects GPS data from more than 200 million mobile devices that generate more than 100 billion GPS data signals monthly. We obtain these data points with “opt-in” consent, meaning users have consciously selected to share their location data. 
icons representing how Location-based Services data is obtained through user consent on smart phones

Data sourcing

AirSage’s data panel is composed of data generated by hundreds of unique mobile apps. AirSage verifies that no single app contributes to a significant portion of users of the full panel. Moreover, AirSage confirms that no single app category (i.e., News, Travel, Weather, or Gaming) is more dominant than others to avoid skewing the data and ensure representativeness.
icons representing hundreds of mobile apps and diverse cross--section of people resulting from it

Data cleansing

AirSage only leverages GPS sightings that are the most accurate and reliable. AirSage looks for duplicate sightings and collapses them to a single sighting using the sighting with the highest horizontal accuracy value. Sightings that are too far apart spatially in too short of a timeframe (device sightings at 12:00 PM in Louisville, KY and 12:15 PM in Los Angeles, CA) are also cleansed from the dataset. 
icons representing de-duplication of data points and removal of points that are too far apart spatially in short timeframe

Privacy & Security

AirSage has maintained consumer data privacy as a top priority for more than a decade. When it comes to securing and protecting the data we utilize, we adhere to a three-part strategy:
AirSage has a three part privacy and security strategy
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