AirSage for Enhanced Household Travel Surveys

Enrich your household travel survey data with AirSage data

Household travel surveys provide excellent depth of information but often don't have the breadth needed to ensure representativeness. AirSage provides data that is continuous, passive, and has a large coverage. Enrich your travel survey data by fusing it with AirSage location-based services (LBS) data and improve coverage and representativeness.

Greater sample size

Leverage AirSage's data panel of millions of devices providing billions of anonymous data points daily.

Broader spatiotemporal coverage

Find data for any month for any location in North America with historical data dating back to 2019.

More insights

Access greater insights on out-of-state visitors, whose behavior is challenging to measure with surveys.
Next Generation National Household Travel Survey

AirSage provided origin-destination (O-D) and waypoint data for the national household travel survey (NHTS) for the United States Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Easily integrate AirSage output into your existing platform

Data is delivered in CSV file format for ultimate flexibility and can be easily integrated with GIS and mapping tools, Excel, Tableau and Power BI.
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