Pedestrian Activity Density

Discover hotspots of pedestrian activity in your region

Elevate your understanding of human movement patterns and make better informed decisions with AirSage's advanced mobile device density mapping. This powerful tool focuses on Slow Transient Points, capturing mobile devices moving at less than 1.5 m/s, providing you with precise insights into high-density areas of non-motorized activity. 

Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning

Enhance project prioritization by analyzing travel patterns and demand for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Pedestrian Safety Assessments

Identify high-risk areas and behaviors to develop targeted interventions and improve pedestrian safety measures.

Traffic Safety

Utilize data insights to implement traffic safety measures, reducing accidents and improving road user behavior.
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Easily integrate AirSage output into your existing platform

Data is delivered in CSV file format for ultimate flexibility and can be easily integrated with GIS and mapping tools, Excel, Tableau and Power BI.
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City of Willmar SS4A Safety Plan
AirSage supplied Flow Labs with Pedestrian Activity Density  data which would be used in a SS4A project for City of Willmar in Minnesota.

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