AirSage Data Stewardship: Ensuring DATA IS SECURE AND ANONYMOUS

AirSage is committed to ensuring that no sensitive, personal information is ever associated with the mobility data we analyze and that privacy is never compromised. From data spark to final analysis, AirSage works with carriers, partners and neutral third-party auditors to strip out any Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). In layman’s terms, all personally identifiable information from mobility data is removed. The result: data is anonymous. Privacy is protected at all times by 4 layers of security including proprietary technology that utilizes private and secure data access, protected data environment, internal security measures and third-party compliance.

In addition, AirSage uses proprietary technology that works passively with wireless providers’ networks–nothing resides on the consumer’s phone or slows the network. This means that there is never an impact on the carrier or the consumer.

AirSage is compliant with the Telecommunications Act of 1996; the Wireless Communications and Public Safety Act of 1999; FCC Proposed Rule-making following the CTIA petition to the FCC on Wireless Location Privacy Principles, November 22, 2000; and the individual privacy policies of our carrier partners.