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Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility and Transit

Executive VP of Planning and Development at Capital Metro and the creator of the CapMetro app, Sharmila Mukherjee, shares her insights on mobility solutions in transportation planning and how a combination of Big Data and traditional data sources act as a catalyst for innovative and transformative change. In this discussion, Mark Forster and Mukherjee highlight the reasons why planning for efficiency directly correlates to high-capacity transit projects, and how efficiency “is all about finding the right size solution in public transit to match the constantly growing urban population.”

Regional travel demand forecasting is essential to ridership forecasting Mukherjee shares, and how it is an extremely complicated process that heavily relies on big data, IoT, and AI. Forster and Mukherjee explore solutions for mobility and how focusing on a climate resilience and energy efficient mobility plan is vital for future public transportation projects. Forster and Mukherjee also highlight how a combined approach of complementary datasets (Big Data, IoT, and traditional data sources) is the ultimate way to maximize the effectiveness for future public transit systems and routes.

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Data-Driven Transit

On April 1, 2022, AirSage kicked off its new weekly talk show, Brewing Data with the aim to increase innovation awareness in the transportation, retail, and travel industry – #RebuildingAmericaTogether. AirSage is proud to host Guy Rousseau as its guest on the inaugural episode of Brewing Data, discussing the potential of Data-Driven Transit in the U.S. Guy is Surveys & Transportation Modelling Manager at Atlanta Regional Commission, TEx-MPO modeler in Dayton, OH, Tulsa, OK, and Jefferson Parish, LA. The event is streamed live via YouTube and LinkedIn and can be viewed on-demand.

Robert Kohler, CRO of AirSage, moderated the event. Robert has been in the transportation and mobility industry already for two decades. He was primarily focused on tech and big data applications, traffic operations, impact analyses, and site selection. His field of expertise is concentrated on the latest technology and location intelligence innovations to advise clients on solutions for the projects they are working on.

"Micro-transit partially helps to solve the problem of the first/last-mile problem. Also, it can reduce the carbon footprint. Finally, and most importantly, it increases the efficiency of transit networks and connectivity. Thus, the micro-transit arrangement is the future." - states Guy Rousseau, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).
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Innovative Tourism Strategies
Travel & Tourism

Innovative Tourism Strategies

Over the last 2 years, the travel patterns of many regions have changed, increasing business uncertainty. To overcome these challenges, the leading travel and tourism organizations, like Memphis Tourism, led by their Tourism Research Director, Ashley Anna McHugh, harness the power of data and analytics to bring strategic innovations to their region’s development.

Under McHugh’s supervision, the Memphis Tourism Research Program has grown into the region’s primary source of business intelligence on the local hospitality industry’s success.

“GEOlocation dataset can really undermine the credibility of your research findings, which is why I would encourage every tourism researcher to make sure that your geolocation tracking partner needs to be very transparent about their calibration efforts” – Ashley A. McHugh.

In this edition of AirSage Magazine, Ashley A. McHugh shares and elaborates her insights and achievement in developing innovative tourism strategies using geolocation data. This magazine also shares how location data help in public parks management and further introduces Nasa’s Pre-Flight Risk Estimation case study with AirSage insights.
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Retail Transformation

Retail Transformation

Over the past year, the pandemic has drastically affected people’s travel behavior and expectations, especially in the retail industry. Consumer buying habits have evolved substantially in the last year. As a result, retailers have had to pivot, adapting to the new market, claiming and preserving competitive advantages.

This edition of AirSage magazine provides deep insights into the Transformation of the Retail Industry through the use of mobile location data by uncovering different opportunities. It further analyzes and provides the best and valuable solutions of Mobile Location Data to revolutionize the current retail industry.

“We built our business around providing accurate, contextual, and impactful intelligence to consumer-facing businesses based on Mobile Location Data. I say “based on” because we combine the Mobile Location Data with market expertise, a contextual understanding of the client’s strategy, and any other inputs that enhance the intelligence.”
- J.J. Perino, the founder of TwoTen Strategy
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Urban Planning

Opportunity of the Generation

Last year has changed the perception of technology: we now embrace it and recognize that data matters – not just to save lives, but to improve quality of life. Today, opportunities emerge everywhere. There has never been a better time to rebuild neglected neighborhoods embracing equity, improve transportation systems, develop industries and grow businesses. This edition provides deep insights into data, technologies and markets to #RebuildAmericaTogether.

“With the detailed insights into population movement patterns, planners and urban designers can guide cities to make necessary and inclusive improvements that foster an environment that brings people together again while allowing for social distancing, supporting transportation and mobility enhancements, and identifying opportunities in the market for new development.” – Cynthia Albright, Senior Principal, Data Analytics Lead & Urban Design at Stantec.
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Transportation Planning

Rise of Intelligent Transportation

The US transportation industry is entering the age of cloud computing, big data, connected vehicles, and smart cities. The opportunities are many. James “J.J.” Eden, Executive Director of NCTA, shared with us his article that provides a fresh perspective and wake-up call to the industry. Now is the time to leverage smart data and work closely together in private and public partnerships to provide new, intelligent transportation for the next generations.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to become the leaders in finding sustainable solutions to funding ongoing infrastructure needs, both at the federal and state levels.”
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Transportation Planning

Mobility is Freedom

In our first edition we feature an exclusive interview with Shailen P. Bhatt, President and CEO of ITS America. Shailen shares his opinion at the sustainability in the transportation systems, trends, challenges and the importance of private-public cooperation towards the shared goals. We talk about the “new road tax” and best mobility practices established around the world.

“A sustainable transportation system is the one that provides the most freedom of choice to access jobs and health care to the most people.”
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