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Title page for AirSage's webinar about how CV data can enhance safety studies

Enhancing Safety Studies With Vehicle Insight

Do you know how to leverage CV data for more effective safety planning? Chris Wichman, Transportation Solutions Advisor at AirSage, and Soroush Salek, Director of Traffic Engineering at CIMA+, share more about CV data, key insights derived from CV data, and how Soroush Salek used AirSage CV data to augment a recent regional safety plan. 

In this webinar, you will learn about: 
 - Key insights derived from CV data
 - Applications in safety planning
 - How CIMA+ employed AirSage's CV data to augment a recent regional safety plan
Advance the effectiveness of your action planning by incorporating CV data in your safety studies. Watch now to learn more.

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Fireside Chat: State of CV & LBS Data

With the disruption in the connected vehicle (CV) data market in late May 2023, many vendors and end-users alike have been questioning the status of their data and the viability of CV data moving forward.

Jonathan Silverberg, CTO & Co-President of AirSage and Christopher Wichman, Transportation Solutions Advisor, discuss what is happening in the CV data market, address misconceptions about the location-based services (LBS) data market, and answer questions from the audience..

In this fireside chat, you will learn more about:
- State of CV data market
- State of LBS data market
- AirSage's position

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Connected Vehicle (CV) Data: What is it? And how can it be applied in transportation planning?

Connected Vehicle (CV Data) is changing the game for traffic analysis and transportation planning. Between understanding a vehicle's path of travel, speed, and heading, transportation planners now have a wealth of data and insights they can use for decision-making, even in real-time.

In this webinar, you will learn:
- What is CV Data and what insights can be gleaned
- How to process CV Data for derived insight
- Applications of CV Data in transportation planning

Plus, you'll hear about how a DOT leveraged Origin-Destination (O-D) in combination with CV Waypoint data to analyze jurisdiction-wide trip patterns and route choice.
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