Trajectory Data

Data prepared for the transportation planning industry

AirSage Trajectory Data comes from two main sources: connected vehicles (CVs) and location-based services (LBS) data generated by smartphones. Understand detailed movements of vehicles and people to enhance your transportation projects.

Connected Vehicles (CV)

Includes  vehicle details such as location, heading, speed, timestamp, and distance traveled as well as events data such as harsh braking and harsh acceleration

Location-Based Services (LBS)

Includes anonymized details of devices' locations (by zone) throughout the day, in addition to supplemental details like distance traveled and home location
Data is useful for:
Origin-Destination (O-D) Studies
Travel Demand Modeling
Select Link Analysis
Vehicle Paths Taken
Roadway insight (vehicle speeds/congestion levels)
"Before, During, and After" Evaluations

How our data is different

Although other raw CV and LBS data is available on the open market, AirSage has decades of experience to carefully source and cleanse the data to meet the needs of transportation planners.

Work with best data providers

Data is sourced from multiple, diverse providers ensuring data reliability.

Filter the data

In-depth cleansing processes filter data that is best for transportation planning.

Include additional attributes 

Datasets include attributes that go beyond the standard raw GPS elements.

Deliver data in easily accessible format

Data packaged in CSV file format so users can easily process, filter, and visualize output in various platforms.
AirSage BackDrop

Fully compliant

Data is fully compliant with required privacy regulations (CCPA/CPRA and GDPR).
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