Brewing Data Web Series

View AirSage's web series centered around the most trending topics facing the Transportation Industry. The series covers topics such as Transportation Planning & Modeling Efficiency, Infrastructure Development, Sustainability, Emerging Technologies, and, of course, Grants and Budgeting.

The Value of Research in Transportation with Lisa Kay Schweyer

Lisa Kay Schweyer serves as the Program Manager for the Carnegie Mellon University Traffic21 Institute, which houses the Mobility21 National University Transportation Center. She started her transportation career in 2003, helping commuters find and employers learn about transportation options as she managed the regional ridesharing CommuteInfo program for Southwestern Pennsylvania. From 2016 – 2018, Lisa Kay led the Vanpool Council for ACT.  Her previous work experience includes association management, volunteer coordination, and fundraising. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her Masters of Public Management degree from CMU.

Prioritizing Public Engagement in Transportation Planning with Nastasha Earle-Young

Technologies are transforming the future of transportation, but are your residents ready for innovations like self-driving vehicles? Join us for the new episode with Nastasha Earle-Young, Statewide Initiatives Engineer at NCDOT. Nastasha joined NCDOT in 2012 through the Transportation Engineering Associate program, and she began her career in the Transportation Planning Division (TPD) in 2014. In TPD, she has gained experience in developing comprehensive transportation plans and travel demand models, as well as working with RPOs throughout the state. Nastasha joined the Statewide Initiatives team in 2017 and currently oversees development of the Strategic Transportation Corridors (STC) Master Plans and NC Moves 2050 (North Carolina Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan).

Opportunities in Transportation Demand Management Industry with David Straus

To close out this first season of Brewing Data, Episode 10 will feature David Straus, Executive Director of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), the premier organization for Transportation Demand Management (TDM) professionals📈

With more than two decades of experience and leadership in the field, David brings a deep understanding and commitment to the issues and challenges facing TDM professionals and the organizations they serve. On behalf of ACT’s membership around the globe, David envisions a future where all people have access to an efficient and equitable multi-modal transportation system. He takes great joy in leading ACT’s efforts to advance the careers of TDM professionals, strengthen TDM programs, and advocate for effective TDM policies that will improve the quality of life of commuters and the livability of communities. 

Innovation and Big Data for Urban Transportation with George Thiel

Episode 9 of Brewing Data features George Thiel, Traffic Industry Specialist for SICK, Inc. He is responsible for developing and driving business within four industries: rail, tolling, transit, and transportation. George began his career 30+ years ago designing safety systems for today’s top manufacturing and logistics companies. His curiosity around automation and autonomy guided him towards helping some of the world’s largest automated guided vehicle (AGVs) companies develop their safe vehicle designs. With a long history of developing and designing safety systems and a unique understanding of LiDAR, RaDAR, and vision-based technologies, George is now taking his application experience and knowledge of safety to the streets. Eager to help agencies and governments build efficiencies in what they do, George is open to discussing his ideas on turning those efficiencies into profits and turning profits into policies that can foster equity for all.

This edition will explore the areas of Smart Mobility: Safety & Equity, Green Initiatives, and Innovation & Big data for Urban Transportation.

Integrated Mobility and Planning with Julie White

Emerging Technologies in Transportation with Galo Bowen

Rural Mobility and Opportunities with Valerie Lefler

Prioritizing Road Safety with Franz Loewenherz

Mobility On-Demand with Carol Schweiger

Smart Transit and Mobility with Kammy Horne

Data-Driven Short- and Long-term Transit Programs with Sharmila Mukherjee, AICP

Data-driven Transportation Modeling with Guy Rousseau

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