AirSage Transportation Platform

An easy-to-use mobility data tool specifically for transportation professionals

Receive and visualize industry-leading mobility data like Trip Matrix and Volumes & Speeds using a simple, no-training-required interface. Save time and get the quality data you need. 

High quality data

Gain access to the highest quality data in the industry due to AirSage's data sourcing and cleansing expertise.


Create data visualizations with ease on a simple-to-use interface that requires no in-depth training.


Have a specific data need? Request data that uniquely suits your project and receive it through the platform.
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Visualize the data you need when you need it

Interact with Origin-Destination (O-D) data output such as filtering by criteria like Trip Purpose, Day, and Hourly aggregations to isolate specific trip types, or pan around a region to visualize the top O-D pairs with a firework diagram that highlights common pairs.

Choose from multiple data products 

Select from O-D Trip Matrix, Select Link Trip Matrix, Volumes & Speeds, Intersection Analysis, and Safety Analysis. With these data products and visualization tools, you will be able to:

O-D Trip Matrix

Analyze the movement of people to understand travel demand and associated needs for transportation investments (e.g., infrastructure and transit)

Select Link Trip Matrix

Understand home locations and inferred demographics of users of a roadway link that can provide insights for prioritizing projects for long-range planning

Volumes & Speeds

Examine network-wide or link-level roadway volumes and speeds to inform efforts like congestion management strategies

Intersection Analysis

Leverage intersection estimated turning movement counts instead of field collected data for intersection and corridor studies.
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Safety Analysis

Identify high-risk roadway links and intersections to identify priority locations for safety countermeasures such as a roadway reconfiguration.

Select your plan

Choose from one of three data delivery plans based on your needs: Ongoing Data Access, Pay As You Go, or Delivery & Visualization Only. Upgrade any time.

Ongoing Data Access

User login credentials
24/7 Access to platform modules
Unlimited number of studies
Export results to CSV
Data updated on ongoing basis
Full customer support
*Requires annual subscription
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Pay As You Go

User login credentials
Access to run individual study
Approval for each study required
Historical data only
Export results to CSV
Customer support as needed
*Invoice sent after each study is submitted
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Delivery & Visualization Only

User login credentials
Access to pre-defined and paid study
Export results to CSV
Customer support as needed
*Payment initiated prior to data delivery
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