AirSage, Inc. announces launch of the AirSage Transportation Platform (ATP), an easy-to-use mobility data tool specifically for transportation professionals

The AirSage Transportation Platform helps transportation professionals access and visualize data sets like Trip Matrix and Volumes & Speeds using a simple, no-training-required interface.

ATLANTA, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- AirSage, Inc., a leading provider of mobility data, has announced the launch of the AirSage Transportation Platform (ATP). The ATP is a straight-forward tool for transportation professionals to access and visualize industry-leading mobility data with an easy-to-use interface that requires no in-depth training.

Unlike other existing platforms, the ATP focuses on simplicity and allows for easy customization. The interface is uniquely designed to cater to transportation professionals that need quality data for their projects but don't want an overly complicated tool. Furthermore, the data available through the platform is highly accurate and customizable, giving any prospective Department of Transportation (DOT), Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), or consulting firm the flexibility to request data that uniquely suits their project needs.

Multiple data products are available for transportation professionals through the ATP including Origin-Destination Trip Matrix, Select Link Trip Matrix, Volumes & Speeds, Intersection Analysis, and Safety Analysis. With these data products and visualization tools, transportation professionals will be able to:

 - Origin-Destination Trip Matrix: Analyze the movement of people to understand travel demand and associated needs for transportation investments (e.g., infrastructure and transit)

 - Select Link Trip Matrix: Understand the home locations and inferred demographics of users of a particular roadway link that can provide key insights for prioritizing projects for long-range planning

 - Volumes & Speeds: Examine network-wide or link-level roadway volumes and speeds to inform efforts like congestion management strategies.

 - Intersection Analysis: Leverage intersection estimated turning movement counts instead of field collected data for intersection and corridor studies.

 - Safety Analysis: Identify high-risk roadway links and intersections to identify priority locations for safety countermeasures such as a roadway reconfiguration.

"As data visualization becomes more important to transportation planners and engineers, so do time savings and customization. With the AirSage Transportation Platform, transportation professionals will gain access to custom data and visualizations without wasting numerous hours in user training sessions."– Robert Kohler, Director of Client Solutions at AirSage.

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April 1, 2023
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