AirSage achieves breakthrough in HOV lane vehicle speed reporting

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, US, April 26, 2023/ -- AirSage is the first mobility data provider to assign speeds to vehicles in high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes with more than 95% accuracy.

AirSage achieved this breakthrough by leveraging its proprietary high-definition lane mapping platform to pair HOV lane locations with high quality GPS points generated by connected vehicles (CVs). AirSage processed the data from the CVs to provide insight on assignments of vehicles between the HOV lanes and general purpose (GP) lanes as well as breakdown of vehicle speeds in a robust time bin speed calculation.

AirSage’s new HOV lane speed reporting offering allows Department of Transportation (DOT) clients to have access to unprecedented data that no other mobility data company provides. With this data, DOTs can now:

- Analyze HOV lane vehicle speeds along an entire corridor rather than only at detector locations.
- Observe HOV lane vehicle speeds over time to compare peak and off-peak periods on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.
- Retrieve metrics required for HOV compliance reporting, as stipulated by the Federal Highway Administration (with an error of less than 1%): percent of periods that average vehicle speeds are at least 45 miles per hour across a 180-day period.

"AirSage is the only mobility data provider to have proven the ability to assign vehicle speeds to HOV lanes with 95% accuracy." – Jonathan Silverberg, CTO & Co-President at AirSage.

The deliverable for HOV lane vehicle speeds includes Link ID (or roadway segment ID), Facility Type (GP or HOV), Average Vehicle Speed (mph), and Time Bin (we recommend 5 minute intervals), and the output is delivered in standard file formats for easy integration..

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April 26, 2023
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