AirSage positioned to assist hurricane evacuation planning with invaluable population density data

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2023 / -- AirSage, Inc. 

With Tropical Storm Idalia expected to hit the Florida Gulf Coast on Wednesday, AirSage, the leading provider of population movement data, stands ready to assist the transportation and emergency management industries with evacuation planning and analysis. Leveraging its data sourcing expertise, AirSage can provide critical insights to help coordinate evacuation strategies and ultimately save lives.

On September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma, a rare category-5 hurricane, made landfall in southwest Florida. AirSage evaluated the effectiveness of Miami’s evacuation plan and compliance using its population density data. As shown in the image, the activity levels in the Miami area after the evacuation was called on September 6 were much higher compared to August 23, a usual day. Four days later on September 10, the population activity levels were much lower as Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida. This invaluable data, when used appropriately, can enable more effective evacuation planning and efficient use of resources in the future.
Population density changes in South Florida before and after the evacuation call for Hurrican Irma landfall.
As hurricane season unfolds, AirSage is prepared to provide the same level of support to departments of transportation (DOTs), emergency management, and response teams throughout the US to map their strategies for emergency operations planning.
Robert Kohler, PTP of AirSage says: “AirSage’s comprehensive data panel of mobile device and connected vehicle data presents invaluable insights to observe what people actually did and how they responded during an emergency event such as a hurricane. DOTs and OEMs need to measure and understand how well their plans were implemented, as well as how the public responded to evacuation orders - and AirSage is the ideal data provider to bring forth this insight.”

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August 29, 2023
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