AirSage adds ancillary services to The Eastern Transportation Coalition’s Transportation Data Marketplace

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, US, March 22, 2023 / -- AirSage is excited to announce that its Custom Trip Matrix output and Actual Trip Lengths/Travel Times are officially available to TETC member agencies as ancillary data offerings through the Transportation Data Marketplace (TDM). Conversations with TETC member agencies indicated that these additional offerings represent output that closely align with their needs. These new offerings follow only months after AirSage’s industry leading output was added to TETC’s TDM. All of AirSage’s data offerings available in the TDM provide agencies with a greatly streamlined procurement process as well as steep discounts over standard pricing.

Custom Trip Matrix output and Actual Trip Lengths/Travel Times are derivatives of AirSage’s Origin-Destination data and Waypoint data offerings. These outputs are customized for a specific study area (i.e., state), with specific elements that vary by user.

Custom Trip Matrix Output
Based on specific client requirements, trip matrix output can be customized to allow for the following client-defined elements: zonal structure (e.g. to align with their Traffic Analysis Zones, TAZs), day aggregations (i.e., average of Tuesdays - Thursdays in a study month), day part aggregation (i.e., daily, peak period, or hourly intervals), trip purpose definitions, trip end definitions, and residency classifications (resident, visitor)

Actual Trip Lengths/Travel Times
This output presents a summary of trip details in the study area - specifically, trip length distributions and travel times for origin-destination pairs in the study area. This product represents actual (i.e., observed) trip details obtained from ground truth data (i.e., discrete vehicle trips), as opposed to modeled/skim trip data obtained from models or other platforms reliant upon assumptions.

“The addition of AirSage’s new ancillary offerings in TETC’s Marketplace bridges the gap to provide member agencies with exactly the location data that they need. This addition will allow their teams to work with the most accurate output, while streamlining and reducing costs of procurement.” – Robert Kohler (Director of Client Solutions,, AirSage).

For more information, visit or contact Robert Kohler at

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March 22, 2023
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