AirSage is an approved vendor for The Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) for their Transportation Data Marketplace

GA, USA, October 4, 2022 / -- AirSage, Inc., has been selected by The Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) as an approved vendor for TETC’s member agencies (i.e., departments of transportation, DOTs) to provide them with critical transportation insights. Such insights are derived from AirSage’s suite of location data offerings – specifically including industry leading Waypoint datasets (presenting granular insight on trips made within and between member agency’s regions), in addition to AirSage’s best-in-class Origin-Destination (O-D) datasets – all of which are now immediately available to member agencies via the Coalition's Transportation Data Marketplace (TDM). AirSage’s website for TETC member agencies provides a brief overview of the company and offerings -

"AirSage is an established provider of location data, and we are pleased to include their offerings in our Transportation Data Marketplace” - Denise Markow

AirSage’s Waypoint data comes from two (2) main sources: connected vehicles (CVs) and location-based services (LBS) data generated by smartphones. This highly accurate location data provides key insights on a de-identified device level. Details for CV output include: hashed vehicle identifier, timestamp (hour:minutes:seconds), vehicle location (latitude/longitude), heading, acceleration, and speed. Supplemental details such as hard braking, wiper usage, and drivetrain (i.e., gasoline/diesel fuel or electric vehicle (EV)) and other key metrics are also available. Details for LBS data include: hashed device identifier, timestamp (hour:minutes:seconds), and device location (latitude/longitude). Supplemental details such as horizontal precision are also available. Users are able to filter, process, and visualize waypoint data in various ways to understand the paths taken for various trips.

AirSage’s Origin-Destination (O-D) datasets present the industry’s best-in-class trip matrices. Output provides an aggregate of trips made within and between zones in a region, state, or nationwide, and is available with data beginning as early as January 2017, up to present time. Additionally, ancillary data such as Select Link Analyses, home locations of trip makers, and demographic data can be provided with O-D data.

These datasets not only support transportation infrastructure investment decision making, but they also allow users – often transportation planners and engineers – to answer a multitude of questions such as:

How accurately does our travel demand model reflect existing conditions?
What would be the impact if a bridge is taken out of service?
Where should we detour motorists during construction or road closures?
How far do trips travel along specific roadway corridors?
Where should new express bus service be planned?
What areas of our region are seeing an increase in vehicle miles travelled (VMT)?

Having AirSage’s datasets available to TETC member agencies is key to help DOTs make sure that critical infrastructure improvements happen at the appropriate time. TETC is a partnership of 17 states and Washington, D.C., with more than 200 public agencies being represented. The Coalition provides 2 trillion dollars in annual domestic trade, 38% of the nation's jobs, 35% of vehicle miles travelled, 21% of the nation's roads, and would be the third largest economy in the world if it was a standalone entity.

"AirSage is an established provider of location data, and we are pleased to include their offerings in our Transportation Data Marketplace," said Denise Markow, Director, Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) Program of The Eastern Transportation Coalition. “Coalition members will now benefit from access to AirSage's Origin-Destination and Waypoint
data at discounted rates."

The TDM will be active for the next four years, with the potential for eight years in total if all optional extension periods are utilized. AirSage is providing significant discounts for combining state entity dataset and multi-year procurements. Datasets are immediately available for licensing by member agencies directly through the Coalition. For more information visit or

October 4, 2022
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