AirSage for Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) 

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Data is delivered in CSV file format for ultimate flexibility and can be easily integrated with GIS and mapping tools, Excel, Tableau and Power BI.
Sample data set of connected vehicle data output. Includes latitude and longitude of car in start and end locations.Download sample CSV

Choose from multiple datasets

Origin-Destination (O-D) Data

 AirSage's O-D data presents an aggregate of trips made within and between zones and is available from January 2017. See travel time, trip distance distributions, and other important metrics.

Connected Vehicle (CV) Data

Learn details of vehicle trips made throughout the US and Canada. View timestamps with unique vehicle IDs, vehicle location, instantaneous speed, roadways traveled, safety events and more.

Target Location Analysis Data

Understand visitor origin, daily variations in number of visitors, frequency of visits, duration, and demographics. Access historical data back to 2018.

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