HOV Lane Speed Data

Track lane speeds with more than 95% accuracy

AirSage is the first mobility data provider to assign speeds to HOV lanes with 95% accuracy. AirSage achieved this breakthrough by pairing its high definition lane mapping tool to pinpoint HOV lane locations with high quality GPS point selection and assignment.

Historical Data

Observe HOV lane speed data over time to compare peak and non-peak periods daily, monthly, and annually.

Data for Entire Corridor

Analyze HOV lane speeds for the entire corridor rather than only detector locations.

Easy Compliance Reporting

Receive metrics required for HOV compliance reporting (with < 1% error): percent of periods that average vehicle speed is ≥45 mph over 180 day period.

Flexible Data Output

The deliverable for HOV lane vehicle speeds includes Link ID (or roadway segment ID), Facility Type (GP or HOV), Average Vehicle Speed (mph), and Time Period. The output is delivered in standard file formats for easy integration.
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