AirSage for Traffic Operations

Ensure safe and efficient traffic operations with AirSage data

AirSage offers the best mobility data options available for traffic operations. Evaluate and monitor roadway conditions to ensure a smoother traffic flow. Answer questions like "how do travel times change by time of day/day of week/month of year?" and "how do vehicle speeds change throughout the day?"
Understand traffic flows by analyzing traffic volumes, speeds, and intersection conditions.
Optimize detour routing and planning ahead of time to minimize construction impacts.
Evaluate potential impacts that new projects could have on roadways and intersections in your region.
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Professional photo of Soroush Salek, Director of Traffic Engineering at CIMA+
"AirSage connected vehicle data provided us with an opportunity to create a fourth list of priority locations, and we used that information in the development of the action plan to identify locations where certain countermeasures could be incorporated."

- Soroush Salek, Director of Traffic Engineering

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